Friday, May 7, 2010

Athens (part 1)

First, let me say that I'm glad we took this trip last year considering the current situation in Athens.  Second, I must also say that I was rather disappointed with the condition of the city.  Not only was it dirty, but an abundance of graffiti really countered the mystique of the ancient city.  That being said, the ruins and sites of ancient Athens were amazing!

One of the first places that we went to was the agora or downtown of ancient Athens.  This area once contained 3 large stoas, or shop buildings (think strip mall; a reconstructed stoa can be partially seen on the right edge of the picture with a large red roof.), a large enclosed auditorium, and monuments to the 12 recognized gods.  It was here that we read about Paul finding an altar devoted "to the unknown god," and being compelled to go and preach to the philosophers of the city.

After stirring up the crowd of Athenians in the agora, Paul was taken up to the Areopagus, also known as Mars Hill.  It was on this hill overlooking ancient Athens that the key philosophers of the day would gather and discuss thoughts on life.  It was on this very place that Paul gave this well-reasoned explanation of Gospel, evangelically engaging the leading philosophers of his day.

(Mars Hill viewed from the Parthenon)

The two of us on top of Mars Hill with the ancient city of Athens below.

In the footsteps of Paul...

Next time we'll include our pictures of the Parthenon and a few other shots from the ancient Athenian agora.

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