Monday, April 26, 2010

Santorini (expanded)

The final Greek Island we stopped at on our cruise across the Mediterranean was the gem: Santorini.  This tiny island has no biblical significance, but it was one of our favorite locales on the entire trip.  As we approached the harbor, we saw what appeared to be snow caps on top of the cliffs. 
As we grew closer, however, we recognized that we were not gazing upon snow, but on the picturesque settlement that seemed to gracefully sit atop the rocky island like frosting on a cupcake.  Many of the uniformly colored white buildings were adorned with bright blue roofs, making every little shop and structure look like works of art.

To get up to the serene settlement, we first had to climb nearly 700 feet to the top.  We followed the winding pathway pictured below, ascending 660 steps in the process.  It may look glamorous or romantic, but what you cannot experience from the picture is the smell of the donkey droppings all along the path.  Yes, it is cheaper to walk than to ride, but it's not without a cost!

Here was the reason for the smell.  On our way back down, one donkey was coming up and tried to run me over.  I stuck him in the eye with a forearm.  He moved over.

We finally made it to the top.  Yes, it was worth it!

This is probably the most beautiful picture of the whole trip.  This church had a blue-domed roof just about the same color as the sky.  In Athens, I happened upon some small canvas prints of this same chapel; one is in my office.  It continues to inspire me.

After our long journey to the top of the island and a bit of touring, we decided we were overdue for a snack, so we headed off to find a crepe shop.  It took a little bit of asking, but eventually we found two side by side.  We chose this one.

Fresh, warm crepes...sitting under a blue sky...on Santorini...yeah, we enjoyed ourselves!


FourGirls 4 and under said...

I love Santorini! It is such a magical kind of place. And I'm sure you've noticed that any picture or example of a greek island is of Santorini. And so many movies are set there too. I like your pictures.

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