Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Air

Last night, I turned on the heat at our home for the first time. Now, this makes it official to me: Fall is here! Now, I'm not one of the legalists who say it's not really Fall/Autumn until September 21. On the contrary, summer ends with August. Get over it.

But, when it's 95 degrees outside, you can't rightly say it's fall either. It's just "not summer." It's almost like purgatory- just kind of an unhappy middle ground. But, no longer. Now it's Fall, and with Fall comes some of my favorite things:

1. Cool, refreshing days and even cooler nights.

2. Real football weather (This would mean more if the Razorbacks or the Cowboys were playing well.)

3. The coming of Deer and Duck Hunting Season, one of my favorite yearly holidays!

4. Leaves changing colors. (Though I'm not looking forward to raking them this year. What the heck... at least I own these leaves!)

5. The anticipation of total surrender to gluttony on Thanksgiving Day! Good idea, Pilgrims!

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Guy & Julie said...

I like your perspective. I'm with you--summer is over at the end of August...period. I was at the Razorback game last Saturday FREEZING my toes off, but I was so happy because THAT is the best kind of weather for a good (or not so good...) football game.