Friday, September 19, 2008

Class of '98

This weekend is my 10 year reunion at Magnolia High School. Although we were unable to attend, the idea of it all did cause me to look back. Here's a glimpse back at my life a decade ago:

My ride: 1991 Chevrolet S10 Ext. Cab (AKA The White Knight). It was white with a blue interior, and had a custom rims and fat tires. It also had a 4.3L V6. Not quite the race car that I imagined it to be, but it could scoot.

My crew: Nathan, Andy, Charlie, Matt and Craig. We're all a little older, a little heavier, and some have less hair, but we still love hanging out together.

My income: While still enjoying the financial support of my parents, I did lawns and other odd jobs to put away some coin for $1.13 gasoline and fun stuff. (I actually made 33% more per hour back then than I did working the landscaping crew at seminary...with a college degree!)

My tunes: Collective Soul(check the playlist), Van Halen, Whitecross, and DC Talk. Still good stuff. Unfortunately, my Sony CD player would skip anytime I even drove close to a bump or pothole.

My classes: I loved Physics, hated Trigonometry, excelled in Composition and totally goofed off in Art and Speech. But at least I gave a speech. Would you like a Zero, Andy? "That's ok, I don't mind."

My Obsession: Football. I have been and will always be a Magnolia Panther at heart. Too bad we went 3-7.


chaz said...

amen! Good tunes. I'm unable to attend the reunion as well. But, I think fondly of our good times. In reality, for me, high school was more about the "gang" (including the girls--Lexi, Crissi, Larken, etc...) than anything else.

I love life today, but I'd live most of it over in a heart beat.


PS. when I got the Camaro, gas was $.85/gal. Here in Chicago today, it is $4.49 for regular unleaded.

beckymcp said...

What a fun trip down "memory lane"....I guess I"ll have to yell extra hard for #64 tonight at the game...

BeechNut said...

$ 1.13 a gallon gasoline??????

"Welcome to the 90s Mr. Banks"

Abbie, Jonathan and Grace said...

I love trips down memory lane! 98 was my first year in Magnolia. We had some pretty fun times 10 years ago... can it really have been 10 years ago?!? I think that summer was one of the absolute best summers of my life.

Nathan said...

Douglas, I think this is the first comment I have left on your page. I do enjoy reading your posts, and I admit I have to go back and catch up on them from time to time. It is well worth it. You have always had a way with words. This post down memory lane was a great reminder about yesteryear. Like Charlie said it was about the "gang". Good times I'll always remember

Nathan Statton