Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Food for thought?

One of the great joys of American living is the countless number of buffets available around the country. One of the staples of our culture is the pizza buffet. From Chuck E. Cheese to CiCi's to Sbarro's, one can enjoy a multitude of styles, settings and economic tiers of pizza buffets in this great land of ours.

With that in mind, let me voice a deep disturbance in my mozzarella-loving soul: why are buffets always out of pepperoni pizza!?! Pizza buffets are among the most mismanaged arenas of consumption in the food service business. Think about it. Every time you go up for a slice of pepperoni, disappointment sets in as you see everything else but that which you were hoping to find. Oh, sure, there's always plenty of Canadian bacon and pineapple, an abundance of hamburger, and several slices of vegetarian. Not a sliver of beloved pepperoni.

Let me raise my voice on behalf of my fellow pie-obsessors. Pizza-pushers, lend me your ears! Is it really that hard to get it right? It's simple supply and demand. We demand pepperoni at the buffet; it's your job to supply us with the goods. Keep your trendy, creative attempts on the menu for those who enjoy a taste of the bizarre. I for one will stick to the classic.


Jeff and Amy Williams said...

Dude, I would kill for CiCi's right now with or without Pepperoni.

Have fun bro

Jeff Williams

Doug McPherson said...

Thanks for sacrificing for a higher goal. Next time you're in town, I'll take you both to CiCi's!

BeechNut said...

Is that what Paul actually saw in his Macedonia vision. A man of Macedonia beckoning him to come....and bring pizza????