Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LOST Fathers

While I was out driving one day last week, a thought began to form in my mind. An observation became theory, and then theory became conviction. Have you ever noticed that almost all of the main characters on Lost have problems with their fathers? Think through it for a bit. Jack's father was an overbearing drunk. Kate killed her father for beating her mother. Sawyer's father killed his mother and then himself. Hurley's father abandoned him when he was a child. Clare's father (same as Jack's) was unknown to her for most of her life due to his "real" family. Aaron's father was a dead-beat. Walt's father Michael has numerous issues in their relationship. Locke's father was a con artist and tormented him. Desmond and Penny were troubled by Penny's father. Jin and Sun's problems mostly all came from her father. Even Ben had problems with his father, the drunk who blamed his son for his mother's death.

So, here's the question: is this "Father Phenomenon" a key part of the script, or is it merely a sad commentary on our society?

By the way, no problems here with my Dad. He's cool.


BeechNut said...

YOUR cool Dad thanks you!

Emily said...

I'm gonna say you're probably onto something with the Father theory being part of the story, but Brad is the real LOST conspiracy theorist at my house!