Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Start

After months of debating the pros and cons of blogging, I have decided to throw my voice into the sea of opinions currently available on the web. Not that I think my opinion really needs to be heard; rather, I think I need to express it. I need to write and put my ideas on the page in black and white. Often, it is only after seeing one's thoughts written down that the inherent absurdity of said ideas becomes apparent. At the same time, I just like the friendly give and take that blogging allows.

I should probably explain the title I have chosen. It is a play on a couple of different ideas. First, I used to work on a landscaping crew when I was in school, spending most afternoons digging holes. Now I dress a little nicer when I go to work, but some of the lessons I learned then are still very helpful. Also, I have, on occasion, spoken too quickly and have gotten myself in a relational hole. Sometimes I spend a lot of time digging my way out. It may well be that this blog takes me down that road a time or two! Finally, I enjoy digging through some of the tough and controversial issues that come up along life's journey. I love getting to sift through the ideas and emotions surrounding these issues and trying to come up with a thoughtful response, especially when considering these ideas from the point of faith. I think this is a vital practice for Christian leaders to adopt as a part of their lifestyle for the good of the Kingdom.

All this is to say, expect a variety of topics on this blog. Sometimes I'm going to purposefully word ideas in a controversial way to force you to think about it. Other times, I'm just going to share fun, hilarious stories from life. On occasion, I may even give a few glimpses into the things I'm having trouble understanding. Dialogue with me, and let's learn from one another. Tell me where I'm wrong, but be prepared to back it up! So, that being said, let the fun begin.


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Scott said...

I like the idea Doug. I have taken a similar stance on blogging. It helps me to write things out and I also enjoy writing. Now granted I would love to have people reading my blog, commenting and thinking about the things I've written. However, if no one does read it, no problem. I've gotten a benefit out of simply writing.

Daniel McPherson said...

Its about time my brother. Welcome to blogger land.