Sunday, August 26, 2007

2 Fast 2 Furious

We always begin with noble blogging weekly. The pace of life often forces us to define our priorities, and we soon find that what once seemed important to us could afford to wait. I'm sure these sentiments are familiar to us all. While the general experience of being pushed to our limits in managing time is quite similar, sometimes the particular nuances of how individuals spend their personal time is most interesting.

Let me share a picture into the life of a pastor on a busy weekend. He gets up on Friday (his day off) and heads out to a fundraising clay-shooting event at 9am. After a round of sporting clays and the catered BBQ lunch, he briefly mingles with a few participants. He then heads home drop off his trusty shotgun, drink a glass of water, and then proceeds to do some necessary shopping. Once this errand is done, he heads into the office to finish up a couple of projects that should have been done the day before. By 4:30, he heads back home to clean up for a wedding rehearsal that night. After the 1.5 hour rehearsal (not his preference!), he picks up a pizza and heads home to his wife.

The next day he gets up, has breakfast, and helps his wife with some of the laundry before going out to make the first of two Sam's Club runs for the day in preparation for a singles party that evening at his in-laws' home. He then helps them prepare for the party for 3 hours before leaving to prepare for the wedding, which happens to start at the exact same time as the singles party. Not great planning on his part. He makes it to the wedding, participates in a beautiful ceremony of 35 minutes in length (yes, 1/3 the length of the rehearsal) and returns home. He then changes clothes, heads over to the party, and plays Scattegories until 10:15. After everyone has left at the house is somewhat returned to normal, he goes home and crashes for a few hours of rest.

When Sunday dawns, he awakens and begins a new day. He and his wife go to worship at 8:30, followed by Bible study. He gets lunch for several of the leaders in his area, stops by the second service to welcome new church members, and then heads right over to a strategy meeting with his leaders. After a very productive 3 hour meeting, he gets a 30 minute break before his next meeting, which only lasts an hour and 15 minutes. Exhausted and thrilled at the day's events, he heads home, makes his Sunday night pancakes, and then blogs about his day to share his joy with the other 4 people who read it!

Now, I must say that this weekend was unusually busy for me; this is not how I normally live. In fact, it would be impossible for me to sustain this pace continuously, but for a few rare moments, it is a lot of fun. I must also point out before you waste any emotional energy sympathizing with me, that I was the one who put this schedule together. If I am a victim, I am only a victim of my own ambition.


Scott said...

I fully understand. I was at praise band practice at 7:30am. After the second meeting I went home and got music together for LifeGroup and then got home around 9:30pm.

Then when I say that I'm too busy for other things I realize how much time I waste watching TV or surfing the web and then I realize that I have a lot of time. I'm just not a great manager of it.

Daniel McPherson said...

Come on, man! We need more! More Douglas!

Ros said...

Interesting to know.