Monday, February 8, 2010

Return of the Shoveler

Ok, after several months off, it's time to get back in the groove. I've got several posts ahead that are long overdue, including the rest of our Turkey/ Greece pictures with commentary. Along with these, we will continue our ongoing quest to dig through some meaty topics and, hopefully, progress on our journey forward.

Before we get there, I sense a need to explain my long absence. While I could lay out a number of tired excuses or laundry lists of the past few months' activities, my silence can essentially be attributed to the convergence of two recent factors:

1. First, I have been preoccupied with proofreading my wife's Ph.D. dissertation, leaving me little time to develop any substantial thoughts of my own.

2. Second, I also succumbed to peer pressure and got an iPhone. I now no longer need to sit down at a computer, as I have one on my hip at all times. Unfortunately, the iPhone does not inspire one to write thoughtful, developed blogs. It mainly keeps me obsessed with the Tyranny of the Urgent. And occasional theories on LOST...


Bryan Laramore said...

I too fell to pressure and dragged Whit down with me . . . we got iPhones!!! Yes!!!!

BeechNut said...

You realize a "shoveler" is a Trash Duck, don't you?????