Monday, March 9, 2009

25 things

I know this is a Facebook thing, but if I write it, it should count toward the blog.

25. I tend to be either a part of the "late majority" or a "laggard" when responding to current trends, fads, or fashions. This explains why everyone else has done this but me.
24. While I hold a fairly wide interest in a number of topics, I almost always have one particular thing that I'm really intrigued by at the moment. Some examples include: Baseball, The Dukes of Hazzard, Muscle cars, football, etc.
23. One of my positive addictions is weightlifting. Since I began lifting in seventh grade, the longest break I have taken is three months one summer.
22. I am most energized when I have a good balance of time with close friends and time alone.
21. I am extremely grateful and proud of my family, especially my Mom and Dad.
20. I used to get into quite a few fights when I was child. The only one I ever lost was with one of my best friends. Isn't that right, Andy?
19. I've been pulled over driving (for a variety of things) 9 times. At the moment, I've received only 2 tickets.
18. After being pulled over for the 8th time, you no longer get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach.
17. I was taken to the police station (in the backseat of a squad car) for "disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct." I had blown a musical horn I had installed in my truck.
16. I love deer and duck hunting with family and friends. One year I shot a 7 point buck on Saturday right-handed, and an 8 point on Sunday left-handed.
15. Despite going duck hunting more often, I killed more deer this year than ducks. Oh yeah, I killed one deer.
14. I love traveling with my wife, Rebekah. We've been to Israel and Cambodia together, and we hope to see more in the years ahead.
13. I can trace my ancestry back to Scotland on both my father's and my mother's side. If you're ever in Newtonmore, Scotland, be sure to check out the MacPherson clan museum.
12. I married the most beautiful, most brilliant, most fun girl in the world.
11. However, we are both first-borns in our family. Guess what that means.
10. While I can't seem to remember certain things I'm asked to do around the house, I can remember tons of useless junk. Ex. my high school football locker combination:10-12-17, my phone numbers from college: (870)245-4019 fresh, (870)245-4866so & jr, (870)230-8532 sr year.
9. I love my job and the men and women with whom I work.
8. I have been privileged to be mentored by several awesome men. Special recognition to Dick Bagwell, and the late Roy Buckelew.
7. Of all the different parts of the Bible, Paul and his letters are the parts that I have studied the most in-depth.
6. One day I would like to write a book about my friends, Nathan, Andy, Charlie, Matt, and Craig and the trouble we got into. I'm waiting until the statute of limitations runs out.
5. I am becoming a coffee snob. I got a coffee grinder for Christmas 2007, and I no longer drink instant coffee unless it is an emergency.
4. I split my brother's tongue down the middle on a family vacationone time, but they sowed it back up. It was the most quiet trip we ever took.
3. A few years later, my brother punched me and chipped my tooth.
2. As my brother and I have gotten older, we have become very good friends. We frequently talk over issues and challenges in our lives.
1. I love to read. If you have made it all the way down here, apparently so do you.


ashley said...

I learned all kinds of fun stuff about you! My friend married a wild one didn't she?? HA! Take are and thanks for sharing all the fun new "Doug facts"

Bryan Laramore said...

Okay so, do I like to read too if I read numbers 25 and 24 and then skipped down to number 1, then feeling guilty, jump back up to number 23 and continue back down to 2?

Guilt is a powerful thing . . . you're a wrapped box of intriuging data Rad Rev. McPher!