Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking Forward

Here's a few quick predictions for 2008:

1. Neither of 2007's Presidential frontrunners, Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton will end up winning the White House. Guiliani won't even get the GOP nomination.

2. Packers QB Brett Favre will win one final Super Bowl over the New England Patriots.

3. The Major League Baseball steroid scandal will spill over into other sports, particularly hockey and basketball.

4. The Arkansas Razorbacks Men's BB team will make it to the Elite Eight.

5. Providing all the rest of these come true, I will pick up a part-time gig as a fortune-cookie writer.


BeechNut said...

IF all of these come true, I need to speak to you about stock picks for 2009.

Doug McPherson said...

That reminds me: Starbucks will make great strides in the second half of the 2008.

Daniel McPherson said...

Not so sure on the Starbucks prediction. I hear they've built so many, their overhead is eating into their profits. But I'm certainly doing my part to bump up their Dow points. And I still think Obama will beat Hillary.

Grant Harrison said...

i hope your right on the hogs!

BeechNut said...

Well, you can scratch #2...the Packers won't even make it to the playoffs.