Friday, October 12, 2007

Peace on Earth?

Big news on the wires: Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yesterday, I had intended on writing a more moving, less-controversial blog. With today's news, I just cannot control myself. I am unable to stifle myself. All I can do is groan, "What a load of bull!"

Al Gore, aka Chicken Little, already won an Academy Award for his film An Inconvenient Truth. Of course, I have no problem with that. What I have a hard time stomaching is that Mr. Freak-out deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for squawking about global warming and living in a 10,000 square-foot mansion with $1,200 electricty bills. Yes, I do find that a bit hypocritical. Even though he does purchase "green power blocks," most observers would acknowledge that practice is simply a reinvention of the Catholic Church selling Indulgences in the corrupt days leading up to the Reformation.

What really disturbs me, however, is fact that what has been the most respected recognition for peace is going to those involved in a debated environmental discussion. The jury is still out on global warming. If one day the majority of environmental scholars comes to assert Global Warming as fact and not theory, then the work of Gore and the IPCC will deserve wide recognition and respect. Until then, as long as Global Warming enjoys the same theory status as the Big Bang, honors such as the Nobel Prize should be reserved for those fighting in legitimate battles for mankind.

A prime example is the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. The emergency status of this continent is undisputable. Moreover, the people are dying each and every day that passes, so why are we putting so much energy and recognition toward the work of those that may fight off a climate change that might come and could kill us? Instead of rewarding Al Gore for his rants, the Nobel Peace Prize should have been given to Bono or World Vision for their work in fighting the AIDS pandemic.

(If you wish to challenge me on this matter, I would invite your comments.)


Scott Gottreu said...

It's interesting when you look through the list of past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. People who have fought for democracy and human rights. Nelson Mandela who endured years in prison to see apartheid come to an end in South Africa. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and others who poured out themselves helping their fellow man.
What does making movies about the environment have to do with peace and human rights? He is stirring interest and concern for global warming but the Peace Prize is not the way to mark his accomplishments. If his work had caused countries to stop oppressing their poor then that would be worthy of a prize. But lectures and a movie don't cut it.

seekingHIVpartner said...

ok,i'm here not saying you're right or wrong. i just want to remind you that HIV/AIDS such epidemic disease and climate change are totally different things. so the conparison seems a little bit inappropriate. i also debate with some persons i knew on, they consider your opinion is just incorrect. so what i want to say is it, things are different, and so are people, we needn't to argue too much to make people feel upset, which itself is a kind of sin.

Doug McPherson said...

Sir, you grasp the point I intended to make. Climate change and the AIDS epidemic ARE totally different. One is an undisputed problem; the other is not. One is a legitimate opponent to peace on earth, and the other is not. One issue and those who fight to overcome is consistent with the previous Nobel Peace Prize recipients, the other is not. While the Nobel group has officially opened the Peace Prize up to environmental concerns, my argument is that such a move dillutes the award's influence and ability to highlight legitimate struggles for the good humanity.

Jenny said...

I agree... I thought it was a joke when I saw the headline!

Daniel McPherson said...

Nice post! Yeah, not too big on Gore getting 'Nobel-ed'. Especially since he's apparently more concerned with speaking green than practicing it. Bono is much more deserving, although I wish he would sack up and tell people WHY he cares so much about the people in Africa.

Emily said...

Right on.